Our Range

Beginners Class                                               
We introduce you to some of the tools and findings that we use to make jewellery. Choosing beads from a wide range you will design and make a beaded necklace. No previous experience is required, just enthusiasm and your glasses! 

With this knowledge you will be able to strand necklaces and bracelets, make repairs and                           hopefully we will have ignited a new passion.               

This class takes approx 2.5 hours                                                          All Inclusive Price £30.00                               



Rosary Style Necklace Class                                               
Using eyepins and rings you will learn how to make turned loops to join beads together.                               You will then design and make a necklace with beads from a wide range.
 We experiment with crimp covers and the techniques of making illusion necklaces before we design and make a necklace using multiple strands of wire and add beads to experiment and make truly unique pieces.  This class helps develop existing skills.   

This class takes approx 3 hours.                                                             All Inclusive Price £30.00



Spikey Necklace Class                                               
Develop your design skills using existing knowledge and some new findings to create a truly unique necklace.                                               
Using tiny beads in loads of colours we make up to 40 spikes and thread them. I try to convey my passion for colour and give you confidence in your design choices together with a few new techniques for finishing your piece.

This class takes approx 3 hours.                                                          All Inclusive Price £30.00


Making Rings with Wire Class                                               
Using wire from the reel work we will design and make 3-4 rings in this class. Coil and wrap wire and add beads to experiment and make truly unique pieces. This class helps develop existing skills and give you a deeper understanding of working with wire. Having some jewellery making skills will help but what is more important are strong fingers because we do most of the work with them. This is fun but a little tricky so a sense of humour is also required!                       

This class takes approx 3 hours                                                            All inclusive price £30.00                           



Wavy Necklace Class                                               
Develop your wire work skills in this fun class.  We fashion a wave from wire and then encrust it with beads and gemstones, finishing it with a suede tie. This class takes about 3 hours and is designed for those with some jewellery making skills and dexterity as we do most of it with our fingers. Working with this thicker wire we also discuss its further applications in chunkier jewellery and cuff bracelets.                                               
This class is approx 3 hours                                                                      All inclusive price £30.00   




Tree of Life Pendant

Develop your wirework skills with this tree of life pendant. Learn how to use different thicknesses of wire to achieve a variety of styles of tree. Then complete a pendant of your choice using gemstone chips or crystals. This class does require a certain level of dexterity to complete but all levels of skill are welcome.


This class is approx 2 hours                                                                    All inclusive price £30.00
Pavé Style Class

Who doesn't want to make something sparkly? This class is an excellent opportunity to try something new. Using 2 part epoxy clay and Swarovski crystals you should complete 3 to 4 lovely pendants in approx 2.5 hours. No previous experience is required just good eyesight and attention to detail.  

                                                                                                                             The cost is £30 all inclusive.





Micro Mosaic Class

Using 2 part epoxy clay and resin you create a couple of truly unique pendants. An excellent opportunity to try something new and follows on well from the Pavé Style Class. As above no previous experience is required but attention to detail is key and of course enthusiasm. Any questions please ask. 

The cost of the class is £30 all inclusive.





Basic Wire Work Class – 3 Part Class                                               
Part 1    An introduction to working with wire and the tools we use.  You will learn how to make                                 chain  and clasps, before I send you off with homework to practice your new skills.                                           
Part 2    A fun class where we wrap individual beads and gemstones simply and with decorative                                detail, practice another clasp and choose some lovely gems for you to wrap for your                                       homework.                                           
Part 3    In the final class we make decorative shapes from wire, spirals, wiggles and other                                            connectors  and then we use them to put our whole necklace together.                


This class is tailor made for each individual or pair so that you get the most from my teaching.                  


Each Part takes approx 2.5 hours                                                             All Inclusive Price £90.00



Please see our  Contact us  page or ring 07748775333 to book.

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